Gameplay of brawl stars up game

There are many games in the market, which are popular and successful like a clash of clans, boom beach and clash royale along the series as an addition a brand new game called brawl stars. The gameplay of the brawl stars is entirely different and the players in the game are ranked based on their player’s game level and how many trophies they got in total. Players need to collect brawlers from the brawl boxes and player can select anyone brawlers to use in every game. In the game have totally six rarity types such as which are listed below.

  • League rewards
  • Rare
  • Super rare
  • Epic
  • Mythic
  • Legendary

Currently, in this game, there are 22 brawlers which include eight league reward brawlers, three super rare brawlers, epic brawlers, rare brawlers, and legendary brawlers and two mythic brawlers. Players are allowed to join clubs to play with other players moreover the game totally 9 game modes to play. The game mode provides player six events as non-ticketed such as bounty, brawl ball, heist, duo showdown, solo showdown, and gem grab. Players are also provided with three ticketed events such as boss fight, big game, and robot rumble. In non- ticketed game mode the player can find 30 distinct ways to play the game.

Tricks of brawl stars game

The brawl stars game is a popular shooting game which makes the player gain more fun, the combat system of the game makes the player pick up the game but not a better player. In order to become a better player and to get the chance of ranked the player should know about each character in the game. Since each character has different features, skills, and abilities it is better to know every character so players can use them wisely as per the game need. Players are allowed to use enormous weapons in the game so to be on safer side player should best enough to choose right weapon suits for the character in the game. If you are a new player then you can use only some characters once you win consecutive brawlers then the player can unlock higher levels and can be able to use new characters. If you not yet tried this game you can download the game in official website. Click here for more information. The player can enjoy the most interesting shooting game with an endless battle to win.